Rock Sin Subtítulos

Direction, Production, Editing & Post.

I work as a videographer for RSS filming all the gigs they promote in London in venues like Scala or The Grand. I interview the artists and get the best images of the whole night :D Rock sin subtítulos are a great team, really nice people, check them out, click the link!

Record Drums Online

Web design

I helped my dear friend Chris Castellitto (amazing drummer) to create his website where he Records Drums Online! Yes, he records drums for you and send them to your inbox straight away, isn't that amazing? :)

In his own words: "The Fast and Easy way to get high quality live drums for your songs"

Have a look at the website here:

Spaces for Creatives

Branding & Web design

Have you ever heard about the Manor House Warehouse Community? Well, Spaces for Creatives have a lot to do with it :)


I helped Spaces for Creatives to create the whole new branding for their company (logo, website, videos, interviews, etc), they wanted to have a fresh look, they are all about live-work spaces. All really exciting! And with the help of my dear Marcos García, we studied fine arts together back in Spain and we have collaborated in several projects now.

Have a look at their website here:

Universal Publishing Production Music

Direction, Production, Editing & Post.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I love music! This was my first project here in London so a really special one for me!

I filmed the whole process of recording this album for my college and friend Jim Hustwit, great composer at his own company Larp Music.

The video was for an album he composed for Universal Music!

The Week The Landlords Moved In

Direction, Production, Editing & Post.

And again Larp Music! This time was a series of making of videos of the recording process of the music for a BBC1 show. The week the landlords moved in also composed by Jim Hustwit!

Video Art - Making of

If there's anything I enjoy more than filming that's filming while I have the opportunity to see some amazing things happening! That's what happened with this video I made for Omar Arráez. Great Artist based in Spain, I was so amazed by his work that we needed to make a video and show the world what goes on behind the scenes.

He even creates his own charcoal which meant spending a whole night by the fire talking about life and the meaning of everything while we filmed the process, I love that!!

Pull The Trigger


Direction, Production, Editing & Post.

At this point you can tell that Jim Hustwit and I are quite close :D. This time was a series of making of videos of the recording process of the music for a BBC1 show. The week the landlords moved in also composed by Jim Hustwit!

Music Video - Editing

I'm pretty sure you can tell I like music if you got this far! Here I did some video editing work for and with my friends Aaron Wheeler and Todd Baker for their band Lydian Collective. Really nice project they have going on, not long ago they were on the top of iTunes Jazz list!! Haven't I got cool friends?


All About Me - Music Video

Direction, Production, Editing & Post.

And last but not least! I had a band back in Spain, we recorded and produced ourselves an album (that I really think is goood stuff!) called From the Ashes (check it out on Spotify) and I made this video for the single.

Let me know what you think :)

Get In Touch

I'm based in North London but I like to travel, a lot!

Let me know if you have any questions, artistic collaboration proposals or just want to say hi!


Pd: Sí, soy Español :)

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Visual Artist

Santiago Piqueras About

hola A TODOS!

SOY santi

A veces hago vídeos, websites, logos, canciones o soy manager de un espacio de Co-working.


Echa un vistazo a mis proyectos más abajo.


Pero, ¿que es lo que hago exáctamente?

¿Por qué estámos aquí? ¿Cuál es el sentido de la vida? ¡Todas esas GRANDES preguntas!


I used to make films with my parent's old VHS camera, my sister and neighbours were my crew!

I can DIRECT, EDIT, be your CAMERA MAN or do everything.


From music videos to corporate, making of, interviews, documentary and anything exciting, I just love it!


Even some videos for artists! Yes, future Piccassos and stuff.


I can help with your new logo or do a whole re-branding for you.

You have the vision and I make sure I translate it into something real.

See it, Say it, Santi sorts it.


Helping you with your website design.



are keywords for this part of what I do.

I use Wordpress, you could learn yourself (like anything in life) but you probably don't have time or hate computers!


I'd be more than happy to build it for you.

Universal Publishing Producton Music
Larp Music, Jim Hustwit
Record Drums Online
Veema, Excellence in Education
Spaces for Creatives, Provewell
Lydian Workspace
Rock Sin Subtítulos

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